Network Design

Approximating the smallest $k$-edge connected spanning subgraph by LP-rounding.

Approximation Algorithms for Prize-Collecting Network Design Problems with General Connectivity Requirements.

A Simpler and Better Derandomization of an Approximation Algorithm for Single Source Rent-or-Buy.

Approximation algorithms for prize collecting forest problems with submodular penalty functions.

Iterative rounding 2-approximation algorithms for minimum-cost vertex connectivity problems.

Approximate $k$-MSTs and $k$-Steiner trees via the primal-dual method and Lagrangean relaxation.

Erratum: An Approximation Algorithm for Minimum-Cost Vertex Connectivity Problems.

A primal-dual schema based approximation algorithm for the element connectivity problem.

Node Disjoint Paths on the Mesh and a New Trade-Off in VLSI Layout.

An Efficient Approximation Algorithm for the Survivable Network Design Problem.